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Updated: December 7, 2023
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Chris Cammack

Part of the FxScouts group, FxScouts was founded in 2017 to help Australian Forex traders get the best start to their trading careers. Since then, we have tested over 180 Forex brokers and published over 300,000 words of Forex broker reviews.

About FxScouts Group AB

FxScouts is wholly owned and operated by FxScouts Group AB, a privately held company founded in 2011. FxScouts Group AB is registered in Nyköping, Sweden and owns and manages all the brands and domains in the FxScouts network. See below for our global presence.

Our Mission

We are your guide to Forex trading in Australia. Our mission is to bring transparency to the Australian Forex market by:

  • Comparing and ranking all ASIC-regulated Forex brokers in Australia
  • Publishing independent reviews of Forex brokers written by expert Forex traders
  • Writing educational articles on how Forex trading works, how to start trading, tips and tricks, and advanced strategy
  • Always remaining objective, focusing on facts and using accurate and up-to-date information

Read more about our impartiality and expertisehow we review brokers and our editorial policy

Our Global Presence

Meet the Team


Bjorn Michels

Björn is one of the founders and has been the company’s CEO since its start in 2011. He started his career at Hewlett-Packard in product development and online marketing. Björn has vast experience advising online finance brands and large international media platforms on how to grow a customer-focused brand. Björn is passionate about financial products and runs the company with a philosophy based on transparency and sound product development practices.


Malin Cammack

Malin joined the team in 2019. Experience in senior leadership positions in the payment industry, and 15 years in product and partner management, has given Malin a solid foundation and toolbox to help companies create great teams, on-point strategies, and profitable products.  She believes in opportunities and is passionate about smart and efficient ways of reaching goals. Leadership is about teamwork, not power.


Chris Cammack
Head of Content

Chris joined the company in 2019 after 10 years experience in research, editorial and design for political and financial publications. His background has given him a deep knowledge of international financial markets and the geopolitics that affects them. Chris has a keen eye for editing and a voracious appetite for financial and political current affairs. He ensures that our content across all sites meets the standards of quality and transparency that our readers expect.


Alison Heyerdahl
Senior Financial Writer

Alison joined the team as a writer in 2021. She has a medical degree with a focus on physiotherapy and a bachelor’s in psychology. However, her interest in forex trading and her love for writing led her to switch careers and she now has over 8 years experience in research and content development. She has tested and reviewed 100+ brokers and has a great understanding of the Forex trading world.


Ida Hermansen
Financial Writer

Ida joined our team as a financial writer in 2023. She has a degree in Digital Marketing and a background in content writing and SEO. In addition to her marketing and writing skills, Ida also has an interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. Her interest in crypto trading led to a wider fascination with Forex technical analysis and price movement. She continues to develop her skills and knowledge in Forex trading and keeps a close eye on which Forex brokers offer the best trading environments for new traders.


Jeffrey Cammack
Co-founder and Honorary Team Member

Jeff founded FxScouts Group AB together with Björn Michels in 2011. He had 15+ years of experience working with online content and helping brands in finance and telco improve performance and profitability online. He was central to establishing our partner portfolio, setting the educational focus of the content published, and the research processes that today are the backbone of our credibility and independence of articles and product reviews. Jeff battled aggressive neuro-endocrine cancer and passed away in March 2022. We are eternally grateful for his friendship and the positive influence he had on us as colleagues and the company as a whole. He will be forever missed.

GLEIF Membership

FxScouts, as a brand of FxScouts Group AB, is a full LEI Member.  As a part of an international financial community, we have a shared belief in the transparency of trades and increased efficiency in the international trading system. LEI benefits the wider business community. There should only be one identity behind a business and the Global LEI Index is the only source of information that brings efficiency, transparency, and trust to legal entity identification. The FxScouts Group AB LEI Membership number is 254900LUG07G07A31U72 and can be verified in the Global LEI Index

Forex Awards

Each November, FxScouts and our sister websites issue our annual Forex awards. These awards are 100% independent, and no application process is available to become eligible – making them the most independent and unbiased awards in the industry.

Risk Warning

CFD trading comes with significant risks.  Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital.  Simply put, do not risk money you’re not prepared to lose and know that your past performance does not guarantee future results.  Find our full risk disclosure statement here.

Contact Us

We like to hear from our readers.  Please write to us at [email protected] if you want to ask questions or give input.

We are interested in partnering with online forex brokers based anywhere in the world. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our partners. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us by filling in our contact form<.

For postal inquiries please send them to FxScouts Group AB Östra Kyrkogatan 8 611 34, Nyköping Sweden

  • Antonio Fernandez says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am a small Spanish investor who has received a proposal from an Australian broker to manage my modest savings.
    I have tried to check the background of this broker and have hardly found anything except that you have authorization to operate in the Asic registry.
    On this website of yours ( I have located this list of best qualified brokers, but this entity does not appear in it.
    I would like if you could tell me something about it and if for some reason you did not take it into account for your rating in this list.
    Thanking you in advance for your help and sincerely
    Antonio Fernández Durán

    • Chris Cammack says:

      Hi Antonio, thanks for getting in touch. I have never heard of RedFordFX and looking over their website I am immediately suspicious. They are incredibly non-transparent for a Forex broker. They do not publish their trading conditions, account details, execution methods or deposit and withdrawal conditions. I do not see any kind of regulation listed on their website, despite the fact that the claim to be based in Sydney. The review I read here: further increases my suspicions, as it seems that they are not based in Australia at all. I would NOT place money with this “broker” and I would recommend you steer well clear of them. Furthermore, it is illegal for a company to trade on your behalf without the correct licence. If you are thinking of getting started in Forex trading, I would look through our education section first, and then choose a broker from our list of the best broker in Australia here: Always remember to use a demo account at first and never spend more money than you are comfortable with losing.

      • Louis Commins says:

        Why do you put reviews out like this when AXI won’t allow us to make withdrawals from our accounts
        Live account no 441658

        • Chris Cammack says:

          Hi Louis, have you taken this up with Axi customer support? You also need to check their withdrawals guidelines and make sure you have not circumvented them in any way.

  • Geoff McLean says:

    Is Norman Capital Group, legitimate? Jim Young and Kevin Goldman ? They provided an ASIC registration number 145 225 109 which is for Norman Capital Pty Ltd.

    • Chris Cammack says:

      Hi Geoff, we had not heard of Norman Capital Group before and from a brief investigation, we can confidently say they are running a scam. They are NOT affiliated in any way with the ASIC-regulated Norman Capital Pty Ltd. Please steer clear, we do hope you have not placed a deposit with them. If you are interested in trading Forex with a legitimate broker, please have a look at our list of the best brokers in Australia here:

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